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A Healthy Museum

Recently I was out of commission due to the flu and missed out on a few days at work. Thankfully our Education Section is a well-oiled machine, and the team was able to help cover my duties while I was away!

Working with the younger public, I see a lot of bodily fluids. During the winter, it’s sniffle season, and we work to keep a box of tissues available in our discovery room and hand sanitizer at the door. The sanitizer is a hit with kids, the novelty of the size and shape of the dispenser perhaps helps its popularity. One of my goals in visiting museums and historic sites is to keep in mind the different sanitary techniques and tools available for visitors in both restrooms and public spaces such as galleries.

Have you seen any other type of sanitary measures taken in museums?

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Wonering about Wunderkammers?

The blog’s title “Wunderkammers” is inspired by the German term for “wonder rooms,” a cabinet of curiosities or antiquities which predated museums.

Would you like to do an item-level inventory of this natural history collection? 


An early engraving of a natural history collection. (Naples, 1599)
Source: Wiki Commons

If you’re interested in exploring the lore behind cabinets of wonder, do a quick internet search and check out their history before diving into Lawrence Weschler’s delightful and provoking text Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonders –

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