Connecting with Collections

As an Education intern, one of my goals has been to connect audiences with museum collections. There are many ways museums engage the public with collections – exhibits, public programs, events, tours, online collections, etc. One way I have increased the accessibility of collections is to highlight art and artifacts at a monthly family program I plan and implement, Super Saturdays.

For February’s event “Mosaics, Murals, & More: African American Artists,” I featured work done by African Americans and highlighted the different mediums artists utilize. One of the artists featured was Mr. Imagination (Gregory Warmack), the late Chicago-based artist who used a variety of material and found objects in his works (part of the “& More” aspect of the program!). One medium Mr. Imagination used was sandstone, so I placed three examples of his sandstone sculptures on display. To connect with the pieces, children and families could create sculptures with Crayola’s Model Magic – an awesome play-doh like substance which hardens after a few hours.

In honor of Valentines Day, check out this neat Eiffel Tower a family created together:


Eiffel Tower, artist unknown.
Medium: Model Magic
February 9, 2013

Below is the case featuring some of Mr. Imagination’s sandstone sculptures. Throughout the day, I pointed out the pieces to emphasize the connection. I saw many families designing Model Magic works based on Mr. Imagination’s pieces – which was great!


Untitled, Mr. Imagination.
Medium: Sandstone
c. 1990s






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