PechaKucha 20×20

Last week I was invited by the ISM to present a public lecture at our Research and Collections Center. I decided to focus on a topic I have both a personal and professional interest in – film posters. The presentation focused on the history of film posters, how posters may act as both art and artifact, and how to identify common styles of film posters.

Here’s one of the posters I discussed: 


Star Wars, 1978 rerelease one-sheet, style d

While I was a bit nervous speaking before both museum staff and the public, the lecture went well. The audience was very welcoming, and I had numerous questions after the presentation. A few days after the lecture, I was asked whether I would be willing to present this topic at a different venue, at a PechaKucha

A PechaKucha? A short Google Search later and I was caught up to speed. This unique form of presentation calls for 20 images shown and discussed for 20 seconds each. How’s that for timing? While it will be interesting to skim the hour lecture down, it should be a fun and unique challenge. The details still need to be ironed out – but I’m excited about this possibility, and the opportunity to see other community members speak on a range of topics! 

Have you ever attended a PechaKucha? What would you present about? 

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