Visitors Count – Continued

Summer marks a strong tourist season here in Springfield. As the state capitol we get many individuals and families from across the state, country, and even international visitors enjoying the season. It’s a great time to meet so many visitors interested in learning more about Illinois’ natural and cultural history. This month and next, I’m continuing my work with our Education Section with Visitors Count (see more in an earlier post here).

This is a great program which will allow us to grow from our visitors’ insight through surveys. Another way we learn from our visitors is through paper and electronic guestbooks in our lobby, through comments shared with staff and volunteers, and finally through keeping track of reviews on websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. At the end of their visit, we encourage visitors to share their experiences online so that other visitors will learn about the ISM.

When I travel, I consult websites such as Trip Advisor to help plan my trip. I recently made my very first review on a website, and their web staff mailed me a luggage tags as a special thanks! What other sites do you and your family explore? Do you share your experiences? Why or why not?



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