I recently attended the Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference (CIVC) held in Springfield, Illinois. This was a great opportunity to learn about volunteer recruitment and organization, as well as network with many area professionals. As a volunteer at this conference, I also had the opportunity to assist “behind the scenes.” This entailed attending conference calls, creating some social media materials, and assisting the day of the event with attendee registration, set up, and speaker orientation.The event went smoothly, and I’m very excited I was able to attend and help!

Before and after this conference, I was inspired to pursue “conference etiquette.” I was curious about what the professional standards were on such things as networking etiquette and, quite simply, what to wear.  I quickly discovered a blog post by the Emerging Museum Professionals (EMPs) discussing this exact topic, and it confirmed many of my thoughts. For the most part, much of an attendance at such a professional gathering suggests common sense – i.e., wear comfortable shoes, be prepared to take notes, plan ahead. Conferences are a great chance to hear presentations and panels, attend diverse workshops, meet other professionals in the field…but it is also an opportunity to present yourself in the field.

Do you have any conference tips? If so, please share! (You’ll be pleased to know I had no planning or wardrobe issues while aiding the CIVC.)

For further details and tips, check out the original EMP post!


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