What Happens in Vegas…

While I’ve not been, The Neon Museum in Las Vegas recently inched its way to the top of my “must see” museums.The last time I was in Vegas, I was in fifth grade. Needless to say, most of my memories of the trip involve a good time at the hotel pool.

Yesterday my thoughts on Las Vegas shifted when I stumbled across a photo essay on Fishing 4 Deals titled “Las Vegas Neon Boneyard: Photo Essay of Times Gone By.” The photos sparked interest – three types of interest, in fact.

First, I was curious about the museum as a potential visitor – How could I see the site, when, where, etc. The museum’s website nicely answered many of these FAQ. I also shifted into historian mode, and donned my “material culture” hat. Once I got past the practicalities of the museum and its mission, I was curious to consider the site as a case of collections storage, as well as curating stories from the artifacts. The vast majority of the signs appear to be stored in an outdoor facility, with a minority of signs being treated for preservation. After factoring in practicalities for both visitors and the signs, I began to, and here’s that museum education background kicking in, brainstorm possible public programs, activities, and possible local, national, and international outreach possibilities. 

I look forward to someday – soon hopefully – visiting the Neon Museum and seeing not only the sights but the signs! 

What do you think? Keen to visit? Been there already? I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

ImageEvery sign has a story. I bet this sign has at least a dozen.

Photo courtesy Fishing 4 Deals. 


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