Hello! I am a museum professional and museum enthusiast. In August 2013 I began work at a STEM focused institution in Little Rock, Arkansas as an educator. Prior to this I have worked with natural and cultural history museums, historic houses and sites, and arts and cultural centers. My academic background is rooted in history and film studies, with a graduate degree in Historical Administration. During college I lived and studied abroad for a year in South Wales. This independent, academic adventure was wonderful, eye-opening, and granted me perspective on universal design and how to create welcoming, creative atmospheres. I visited countless museums and cultural sites during this time, and this period helped influence my decision to explore the museum field as a profession.

My professional interests currently focus on creating connections between museum visitors and museum collections through object-based learning. I strongly believe in communication and collaboration – through both, it’s amazing what may be accomplished! This site’s mission is to document my experiences as an emerging professional and highlight relevant topics of interest. I’m a curious person and I love to learn – so this blog will serve as a platform to explore all sorts of things museum-related! Outside of the museum field, I enjoy films, traveling, and photography.

The original title “Wunderkammers” is inspired by the German term for “wonder rooms,” a cabinet of curiosities or antiquities which predated museums. If you’ve ever been in a wunderkammer-style museum, you’d know it! The blog’s first post detailed this subject. In February 2014 the blog rebranded with a new title as “An Acquisition of Memories,” to an effort to best highlight the blog’s purpose and expand its possibilities. See this post on rebranding.

This blog solely represents the opinions of the author and is not affiliated with any institution to which the author discusses.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. S.W. May says:

    Wunderkammers sounds like a great gedanken experiment!

  2. saw you are now following my new blog… I’ll look forward to adding yrs to my blog roll as well… Nice to meet you!

    • samantha says:

      Thanks! I was really excited by your blog’s mission to explore our understanding of informal learning at cultural organizations. Chicago born, I especially look forward to seeing this unfold at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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